Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Toothy Grin

Morgan is cutting a mouthful of teeth lately. The first one showed up a few days before she was 7 months old and now a few days shy of 8 months she has cut FIVE teeth. That seems like a lot at once. We are certainly using our share of baby tylenol, teething tablets and toys to chomp on. Click on the next two pictures and you can see her bottom teeth pretty clearly.

See Grandma!! I have a bunch of teeth now.

Chomping on my fingers helps too...I also chomped on Mommy's finger today and made bite marks. Ouch!

As a side-note, where did this "binky baby" come from? When she was a newborn she couldn't hold a binky in her mouth to save her life. I had a few binkys in her toy basket because she likes to chew on them. A few days ago I was watching her playing and she popped one in her mouth and just kept on playing. I think we're in trouble now! Oh, and check out those "thunder thighs!"

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Amy Rusalov said...

I've really enjoyed watching Morgan grow through your blog. Thanks for all the adorable pics and stories about your sweetie-girl.