Thursday, July 17, 2008

An Expected Surprise

Of course that title makes no sense, but it's sort of how I feel about the events that happened two days ago. I was laid off from my job on Tuesday afternoon. There were several people in our company that were let go, with apparently more to come if business doesn't pick up.

This did not come as a surprise to me because sales for our company has not been good (high-end real estate). For several reasons, in my position I've been the "odd man out," so I knew if layoffs happened it would be me that would go. It was only a surprise because of that moment when your boss calls you into his office to break the news. It's never news you want to hear, even though you knew it was a possibility. You just hope it never happens.

Now, David and I had been making some plans for me to stay home with Morgan just wasn't quite this soon. I had days where I couldn't wait to be home with her and days where I was enjoying my job and thinking that it would be OK to stay...and the extra income was nice.

So, I really think this was God's way of cutting through my wishy-washiness and making it happen. Unfortunately there was no severance pay offered (this was another surprise!), but I do qualify for unemployment. I may look into that, but since I'm not looking for a new job in the near future...I don't know how that works.

So, that's the latest. On to a new, exciting chapter!!

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