Thursday, July 3, 2008

What do Morgan and Barry Bonds have in common?

A few doses of least in Morgan's case it was only two doses. I took her to daycare yesterday and they had a posting on the door to the infant room that said "a case of Croup has been confirmed, symptoms include..." I'd seen notices like this before, but it was never my child that was the origin of it, until now. I thought croup was one of those illnesses people didn't get anymore. Boy, was I surprised when David called from the pediatrician's office saying she had it.

It started Monday with some odd coughing. Other than that she only had a slightly elevated fever. She did fine at daycare. That night the coughing got a little worse and she had some slightly raspy breathing. She ate well all day and went to sleep without a fuss. Then at about midnight we heard some coughs and then she started to cry. We thought she would stop and go back to sleep, but the crying continued. It was not hysterical crying, just upset crying. David went to check on her and came back in our room to report that she had thrown up. Poor baby! She had ick all over her and the crib.

After a call to the pediatrician's 24-hour service, another bath, some clean jammies, a trip to Wal-Mart for a humidifier and finally a bottle, we were able to get her back to sleep. As mentioned previously, David took her to the doctor the next day and the diagnosis was croup. They gave us a dose of a steroid for that day and one for that evening and that was it. She still has a bit of that "barking" cough, but is otherwise doing fine. She was back at daycare Wednesday and had a great day! Go figure...I wonder what the next mysterious illness will bring?

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