Friday, August 1, 2008


I have learned that a baby's "comfort object" is now called a "lovey." So, Morgan received a lovey at one of my baby showers. It is a super-soft little pink blanket with a bunny head on it. A little strange? Yes, but I decided to give it a try. Morgan does not like to go down for her naps during the day. She's usually pretty tired by bedtime, so that is not a problem, but the naps are a challenge. I thought I'd try the lovey and see what she'd do.

I've been putting it in her crib for naps and bedtime the last few days. This picture is from one of her naps. I think its a bit of a fluke, but it looks like she's cuddling with it. Usually it ends up strewn on the other end of the crib. At least it's been distracting her a little from screaming bloody murder when I put her in the crib and leave the room. She'll usually chew on it for a while. It might take a little time for her to take to it, but it's worth a try.

Now what do I do when she wakes up and screams bloody murder for me to come and get her? Sigh. It's tough to be a baby.

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