Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pants Off

During my shower this morning Morgan was playing nicely in her play yard. At some point she removed her pajama bottoms and tossed them over the side (see to the right of the play yard). She seemed very proud of her accomplishment.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Morgan took her "baby" for it's first official ride yesterday. Until now she had not seemed all that interested in actually using the doll stroller. She takes the baby in and out of it, and puts other toys in it but she doesn't actually push it. Possibly this is because when she first started using it she wasn't quite as adept with her walking. She fell on top of it a few times, so that might have scared her off.

Yesterday we were down on the floor playing and she put the baby in the stroller. I moved it away from the other toys and encouraged her to walk with it. Lo and behold she walked straight down the hall with it and into her room. I grabbed the camera and kept calling her name. I figured she would get stuck in there and not be able to turn it around, but to my surprise she came right back out with it...the baby was even still in it!! She did need a little help from time to time when she hit a corner or piece of furniture, but she maneuvered it way better than I expected. Go Morgan!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

But not the Hippopotamus/Armadillo

Morgan has this cute baby board book by Sandra Boynton called "But not the Hippopotamus." It's about a bunch of silly little animals that hang out together, but the hippo is alone. It describes all these activities the animals do together...intermixed with "but not the hippopotamus" and then shows a picture of the hippo wistfully watching the other animals interact. Towards the end of the book the animals invite the hippo to come join them which of course she excitedly accepts. Then the last page ends with "but not the armadillo" and shows a sad picture of an armadillo all alone. Morgan always ends this book by saying "a-day-o" which of course is "armadillo". I think it's funny that even with the numerous time she hears "hippopotamus" at the end she just repeats the last word "armadillo". A few times when she brings me the book to read (by the way, "book" is "b-b-b-b"), she will say "a-day-o" right away. Its definitely the "armadillo" book, not the "hippopotamus" book.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Adventures of Diaper Girl

It has finally been warm here the past few days. Our bonus/family room doesn't quite get the ventilation that the rest of the house does, so lately it's been pretty warm in there. The other day Morgan seemed overheated while playing so I stripped her down to her diaper and just let her run around. David came home around that time and started calling her "Diaper Girl." She was hilarious! She would look down at her "buhdda" belly and grab the pudge and just play with it. I was able to catch this pose (above), but it was even funnier when she lifted up both her arms and put them behind her back with her head still on the floor. What a goof! After dinner David started chasing her up and down the hallway. She would "run", but get so excited that she'd fall down every few steps. She was laughing too hard to balance! I think she was letting David "catch" her because she wanted to be tickled and thrown in the air. We think we'll be seeing a lot more of Diaper Girl in the future.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Black Out

Do you like our new curtains for Morgan's room? Hee hee. These are just temporary to solve our "light" issue in Morgan's room. A few weeks ago she started waking up earlier and earlier (i.e. 5:30 am) when the sun is now coming up. Seeing as at the height of the Summer the sun comes up at about 4:30 am, something needed to be done. A friend of mine is getting us a great deal on a "black out" roller shade, but in the meantime the towels have worked well for us. Morgan has been sleeping until at least 7:00 am, sometimes later...and also has been taking longer naps in the afternoon. Yay! She must be really sensitive to the light while sleeping.
Also, please note the mess in the corner of the room. Morgan likes to remove all books from any bookshelf she finds. It is a daily ritual for her to pull them out, and for Mommy to put them back at night. We're glad she loves her books though, so that makes it worth it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a VERY nice Mother's Day yesterday. It was a gorgeous day weather-wise, so that was a really nice treat. I got to sleep of my favorite things. Then I was getting ready to leave for brunch and this little pajama'd munchkin walked into the bathroom with a shiny present for me! So sweet! David told me later that he wasn't sure how it was going to go because he had to take Lovey and her blankie out of her clutches to give her the present. Hee hee! She did so great! My present was a mani/pedi at a nice spa that I hope to use once my big belly gets too big to do it myself (the toes that is).

Then we went to brunch at my favorite restaurant, Twigs. The sun was shining so we decided to sit on the patio and we even saw some people we knew there. One couple was from church and they also admitting to sleeping in and skipping church that day. Twigs' food is always so good, Morgan LOVED the creme brulee french toast. Who wouldn't?! We think she really got a sugar high though. Later, when she was supposed to be napping, she was crazily giving her crib mattress "kisses" over and over (ah-wha! ah-wha!). She did sleep eventually...and I got another nice rest myself. The remainder of the day was mellow, but Daddy did all the diaper changes so I could just do what I pleased. We capped the night off with the finale of the Amazing Race which is one of the few shows we watch together.

Now I've got to come up with some good stuff for Father's Day! He deserves it!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Biscuit's 24 Week Appt

"The Biscuit" continues to do well. We had our 24 week appointment today and it usual. Really, at this point there is not much to get excited about with appointments. Here's how it goes: Pee in a cup (checked out OK), get weighed (apparently "on track"), blood pressure (100 over something...that was good), Nurse Practitioner comes in, baby's heart rate (150), measure height of uterus (on track too)...then questions.

One funny thing about the heart rate is that the Biscuit was on the move. We kept hearing it, then it would disappear so the NP would have to chase it around my belly. Apparently she was lying sideways when she finally got it long enough to get the heart rate. In the last week she has been moving around a ton. Or she's just big enough now that I'm feeling it a lot more. In fact, last night we were falling asleep and all of a sudden she did some kind of somersault. It was this big "swish" and a "plop." I remember Morgan doing that and it is the strangest feeling. This is the point in the pregnancy where there is still lots of room for the baby to move around, so I should expect there to be lots of flops in the next 6 or so weeks. After that baby gets more confined, so not so many big movements. At that point you hope she settles head down because there might not be room to flip after that.

My next appointment is at 28 weeks and at that one I will have my 1-Hour Glucose Tolerance Test. This is the test where they determine if you have Gestational Diabetes. GD can cause all sorts of problems including growing an extra large baby. I'd like to avoid that. For the test, you show up and right away they give you a sugary soda drink. The one I had with Morgan was sort of like an orange soda, but not as tasty. They keep it really cold because it's more pleasant going down that way. I remember just closing my eyes and chugging to get it over with. After this lovely experience I'll have my regular appointment with the Dr., then at exactly one hour from when I finished the "soda" I'll have some blood taken. They'll let me know in a few days if there are any issues, otherwise, as with Morgan all was fine and they didn't call me. With this test you want to "pass" the first time because if you don't you have to come back and do a 3-Hour test. I think you only have to drink the "soda" once, but you have to have blood drawn every hour for 3 hours. Ugh. If you pass that you're OK, if're on to the GD diet. I'm thinking I'll be fine though.

There's the update. Sorry not so many posts this week. Where did the time go?!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Weekend with Aunt Ali

My sister Ali came to visit this last weekend. We had a really nice time. Due to some knee surgery she hadn't seen Morgan since her birthday so she had to show off her new walking and talking skills.

I got a nice break two nights in a row. On Friday night Ali and I had a girl's night and went to dinner and a movie (a chick flick of course). Ali generously offered to watch Morgan on Saturday night so David and I could go to the Shock game. It was nice to be able to watch the game without having to keep one eye trained on a toddler.

Other activities for the weekend included a shopping spree (for Morgan) at Old Navy. She got the CUTEST outfits for the summer! She also enjoyed checking out the new "Super Modelquins", checking of course to be sure they all had belly buttons, as well as Barker the dog. She also got very excited when other kids came in the store. I had to stop her from chasing another girl around and she tried to hug at least one boy. She sure keeps me on my toes lately.

Ali and I also put together Morgan's new slide for the backyard. The weather was pretty overcast this weekend, so she only used it one time. I think it will take a little practice to do it on her own...but she will be climbing all over it soon. We went to Morgan's swim lesson on Saturday morning and Ali made use of the lap pool to get a workout in. Her Dr. wants her to do quite a bit of swimming as part of her rehab.

Of course, Ali's camera was in high gear, thus...we don't have any pictures for me to post today. Unfortunately I didn't have time to download them before she left. I'll post them as soon as she is able to send them my way.

Happy Monday!