Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Morgan LOVES bubbles!! It is finally Spring here and we've been enjoying "bubble" afternoons outside. We spend and hour or two basking in the sun and blowing bubbles in the backyard. At first I would blow the bubbles and she would chase them around, but then she wanted to try it herself. After I considered all the potential messiness and possible spilled bubble "stuff" I decided to let her try it. She was determined! It took her several tries, but she did it! She was very careful about putting the wand in the bubbles and figured out just how much she needed to blow to make the bubbles come out. To show you how much she loves them...today it has been rainy. We needed to go to the grocery store and I told her we were going outside. She was very upset when she realized that she was going in the car, not the backyard and yelled "bubbles!" as I put her in her carseat. She got over it pretty quick, but as soon as that rain lets up she'll be all about the bubbles again!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Psyched Out

We have an appointment!! Friday I was able to obtain the names of some other psychologists in the area that could evaluate Morgan. I got an appointment with one for May 17th! I'm looking forward to this appointment, but also dreading it at the same time. Such continues the roller coaster. At least this is a step in the right direction to getting some answers.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More of life on the Roller Coaster

This week, so far, has been a whirlwind of emotions and stress. We had a FABULOUS weekend to start with. It was the girls' first Shock game of the season. We were lucky enough to be able to sit in the owner's suite again. I know I wouldn't be able to do it without that. Morgan was able to run around and there was lots of space to comfortably feed Piper. Like when Morgan was a baby, I also did my "trick" of strolling her around the concourse during halftime to get her to go to sleep. Success!! We all had a nice time, as much of the game we were able to actually watch.

On Sunday we had lunch and a nice leisurely afternoon with our friends Danell and Tim. They are friends from San Francisco that moved here recently. We've been having a good time getting to know each other again. They have a beautiful home on the South Hill. It was such a pretty day. We hung out in their backyard, took a walk to the park and had a delicious homemade lunch.

Then, on Tuesday morning Morgan woke up throwing up in her bed. Yuck! Poor thing. She threw up one other time that morning and was just not feeling good the rest of the day. Tummy issues have continued (the other end kind), so we are nursing her through it. Piper has not shown signs of it. Our friend who's a pediatric nurse practitioner thinks it might be rotovirus. Piper had her vaccination more recently so she might be safe from it, but Morgan's is a little weaker, so she has gotten it fairly mildly. We hope it stays that way and the rest of us do not get sick.

Finally, my fears and stress about Morgan's development has resurfaced with a vengeance. In the course of two days one friend (who works for the State in social services for kids with mental disabilities) invited me to a seminar on Autism, Asperger Syndrome and Fragile X. I know she meant well, but it threw me for a loop. And today that same friend that is in pediatrics told me that she thinks something is off with Morgan too, that she is not as "engaged" as she should be by now.

I put in another call to the child psychologist (that has yet to call me back after several messages). I'm going to call the pediatrician's office again to see if there is anyone else he can refer me to. It is hard to be patient at this point. I need to know what is going on with my child. Morgan is crying from her nap, so I've got to go...more updates will come as I have them.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Berry Cute Hats

Speaking of gifts...a month or two ago Morgan and Piper received some very special hats that were handmade by my Aunt Anne and cousin Sara. Aren't they cute?! They have sported them on chilly days out and about and neighborhood walks. We are so grateful for the loving care that went into creating these gifts for our girls.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lookee what I got!!

My sweet sister Ali gave me a beautiful "Mommy" necklace! I LOVE IT! It has my girls' names and birthstones as well as their birth dates on the back. Also notice the little charm near the clasp that says "Hot Mama." I think that is the company's name, but it works for me! Morgan calls it my "neck-a-less." I'd wear it all the time if Piper didn't try to grab it every time I pick her up. :-)

Thank you Ali! This gift will be treasured!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You know you're a Mommy of two when...

...in the course of about 30 minutes the following happens:

- Your two year-old tries to "ride" your 7 month old like a horsey
- You discover your two year-old has colored with blue crayon on your couch
- Your 7 month-old spits up on the floor
- While nursing said 7 month-old you detect a certain odor...that leads to the discovery of a HUGE poopy diaper
- While you're wrestling the 7 month-old to change her diaper, your two year-old walks over with the 7 month-old's bottle, takes off the cap and turns it upside down
- While you are cleaning the couch, the 7 month-old gets hold of your (big) water bottle and dumps it all over herself and the floor

Oh the joys of motherhood!! That said, I could kiss and hug these girls all day long!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Piper is 7 Months Old (and a week or so)!

Obviously it is not March 27th, but later is better than never, huh? We had a tough time with these pictures because every time we slipped in the sign she grabbed it. Then getting a smile as well was near impossible. Overall we got some cute ones though. Here's our purple flowerhead girl.

An OK shot with the sign, but a silly expression. You get to see all the sweet faces of our Piper-girl.

Starting to lose the headband here. And about to see the sign and grab for it!

Daddy tried to sneak this one in...no luck!

No sign = happy smiley girl!

Piper is sitting so well all by herself and is able to reach and grab and play without falling down (expect when she gets tired). She is still rolling and pivoting to get to her desired destinations on the floor. We are encouraging crawling, but she's got a lot of baby chub to work on lifting off the ground! She continues to be full of laughs and smiles. All you have to do is make a funny face at her and she will giggle! She also shows her stubborn side more and more often. Take away a favorite toy and you will pay for it. Unfortunately sometimes she gets something she's not supposed to have, like a page of Morgan's coloring book. As soon as it's out of her hand her face crumples and the crying ensues. You "almost" want to give the prohibited item back, but not quite.
She also LOOOOVES her sister. She watches her closely and is trilled when she is acknowledged. Morgan will frequently sit down next to her and give her a "cheek hug." I think the love is mutual. Ahhhh, so sweet.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

WARNING: Don't ignore the poop

I learned my lesson this morning. This story has to be told, but those of you who are squeamish about any talk of poop... it's best that you stop reading now.

So...Morgan finished her breakfast. I got her out of her booster and she went off to the living room to look at some books. I watched her as I finished feeding Piper her cereal and I could tell (won't list reasons now) that she had pooped in her diaper. This was despite me asking her several times if she needed to poop. Meanwhile Piper's face is turning red and she's tearing up, so apparently she's pooping too. Piper had finished eating so I put her down in the living room and decide that I'll clean up the dishes real quick before I change the dirty diapers.

Big mistake. Soon I hear Morgan doing what I call a "distressed whine" and I look up and she's running towards me. From my vantage in the kitchen I can only see her from the waist up. I notice she no longer has her pajamas on. Huh? She comes around the corner into the kitchen and she is COMPLETELY NAKED. Not only that...she has a handful of POOP! No wonder she's distressed. I grab her other hand, tell her not to touch anything and drag her into the bathroom. There I see her PJ's and her diaper on the floor. I though quickly "what was she thinking?" and then I hurried to get her on a step stool to wash her hand. As soon as her hand is clean she calms down. Then I am able to get her on the changing pad, clean her up and get her in a new diaper. "Whew," I think, "that was crazy, we're done with that." I'm still wondering what compelled her to remove her clothing and the poopy diaper AFTER she had pooped?

Since I have the changing pad out I decide to change Piper's diaper too. Surprise! She had a poopy blowout all over her white onesie...carrots too. Ick!! What a mess! We're all cleaned up now, but I certainly won't be ignoring the poop again.