Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thoughts on Blogs and Loss

Every day I have a routine of checking in on a few message boards I'm a part of and reading some various blogs. The blogs are so different from each other. I am still so new to this blogging thing and it just fascinates me. People use them for many reasons. Like me, some use it to keep friends and family informed of events in their lives and everyday things as well. Others use it as an outlet for emotion, frustration or whatever they need to "talk" about. I read such a diverse bunch of blogs that run the gamut of "styles." It is almost like reading different types of literature as the point of view of the author is so unique. Some blogs make me laugh hysterically. Other make me cry....a lot.

The ones that touch me most are stories of loss. Since I myself have dealt with the sadness of miscarriage, I know many people who have been through a similar loss. I also have learned of many people that are dealing with far more devastating situations such as infertility, mid-late pregnancy loss and the death of an infant. My heart just breaks for them. Nothing is more devastating. While I cry along with them I also admire their strength. Along with their pain is a hope. I am always in awe of when I see a situation so terrible that you can't imaging there could be an inkling of hope...but it is always there. I'd like to say that is the presence of God. Some of these women are Christians and some are not...but there is always hope that they will survive their circumstances and move to a more hopeful, joyful place in life. I guess when you hit bottom, that's the only place to go?

I'm going to be gradually adding some additional blogs to my list here. I will label them per their topic, so you will be fair-warned to the content. Though all our stories are different, I feel a connection to them. Some from message boards I frequent I like to call my online friends. Others are stories I've read through links on these friends' blogs. They go on and on. As there is sadness, there is hope. It is comforting to read the story of someone who has been through the same tough situation as you have. You should never be alone in that. Maybe someone will link to someone else's blog or "story" from mine and find hope in it. Happy Blogging!

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