Monday, July 21, 2008

First Day Home with Mommy (and Daddy)

Though I stopped working last Tuesday, I consider today my first day home with Morgan. We kept her in daycare last week as we had already paid for the full week. Then she had time to play with her "friends" and "say goodbye" to her teachers. Though the daycare center we chose was originally our second choice, it really turned out great for us. She was really happy there and all the teachers loved her. They even made a goodbye present for her with a few pictures on a sheet of paper that all the staff signed. I'll put it in her baby book. They said she was welcome back any time. This is nice to hear as who knows when we'll need childcare again...possibly not until she starts preschool, but if a great opportunity for me comes up sooner we have options.

Today we took a trip to my former workplace (boo). I had to go in to pick up my last paycheck and sign some paperwork that was not prepared for me on my last day (boo again). I will miss my co-workers though, and they were really happy to see Morgan. I felt bad for them as they are all pretty scared because they've heard that more lay-offs are coming. I'm glad I'm gone now and able to move on. It's so un-nerving to wonder if your head is on the chopping block.

Next we headed to the grocery store. This was Morgan's first big trip to the store where she got to sit in the shopping cart! She loved it!! Everyone commented on how cute and sweet she is. She was so good. This trip also cleared up a dilemma for me. I have one of those shopping cart covers, but when I was laid off I decided I was going to return it because it seemed somewhat unnecessary. Well...I changed my mind. Morgan was too interested in sucking on parts of the shopping cart. Yuck! I kept trying to get her to stop, but you can imagine how successful that was. Next time I'll bring the cover. It also has some spots you can place toys as well. Then maybe she'll play with the toys and not try to constantly grab (and eat) my shopping list. We did have a fun time there. I was proud of her for being so good.

She's actually napping in her crib right now (shocker!) and she's been there for about 45 minutes so far. I think this has something to do with being tired from a busy morning, and she has herself wedged in a corner with her WubbaNub in her mouth (see pic below). She's just at the right angle so it hasn't fallen out yet. Don't worry, I keep checking to make sure she's breathing. Tonight we're headed to the "Coach's (radio) Show" for the Shock as a local restaurant. Morgan will have fun seeing her buddy Elijah and we'll see our friends too.

One other great thing about today is that Morgan got to see her Daddy quite a bit. He fed her this morning and let Mommy sleep in a bit (can't seem to get rid of a lingering cold). Then when we got back from the grocery store he fed her some lunch, then he gave her kisses before her nap.

I promise you won't get a full synopsis of every day from now on (though I know the Grandparents would love that!). I just thought this was a significant day worth the details.

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