Monday, July 7, 2008

Teething...for real this time!!

Morgan is showing signs of getting more than one tooth! Last Thursday at daycare one the teachers commented on how she was getting a tooth. I'd been checking pretty regularly, but had not actually "seen" a tooth. It's tough to get her to move her tongue so I can actually see her gums. The teacher and I tried for a few minutes with no luck. When I picked her up later that day I got an opportunity to look again...and sure enough there is a little lower/middle tooth just below the gums ready to erupt!

Then, on Saturday Morgan and I were lying down for a nap. She was doing her usual fussing and I decided to inspect her upper gums. Well, what do we have here? I saw a TWO little white tips of teeth peeking through. Not her top middle teeth, but what I call her "fangs." I did a little research on the order of teeth and I found that as a rule the bottom middle teeth come in first, but after that it is random. I though she'd get her top middles ones next, but this was a surprise. We'll try to get some photos, but we probably won't be able to get much until they break the surface of her gums.

That teething fussiness is for real too. The last week she's been extra fussy, and some of it is combined with her having croup and a cold, but she is also showing all the classic teething signs: drooling more than ever, grabbing her ears, a low-grade fever, runny nose...I could go on and on. She also has been waking up more at night and needs a little extra soothing. Even so, most of the time she is still her happy, smiley self.

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