Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Family Nap

When researching, then experiencing this parenting thing I've never been a proponent of the "family bed." There are many different opinions on this, but for me this is mostly for the reason that our bed is extra cushy with a pillow-top mattress, a down comforter and lots of pillows. I was afraid if Morgan slept with us that either she'd get suffocated by the cushiness or I'd accidentely roll over on her. The horror!

Well, this morning we were all exhausted because a certain someone woke up three times last night. Twice she was coaxed back to sleep with her binky, and one time she was hungry. Since she was two months old she typically has either slept through the whole night about 50% of the time, or only woken up once a night to eat, so this was unusual.

After this tiring night, I got up with her about 7:00 am and fed her. About 8:30 she was ready for a nap, and frankly so was I. I decided to just lie down on our bed for a bit and see if Morgan would fall asleep too. I didn't have too much hope, but surprisingly after a little time with her binky, viola! She fell asleep. I cuddled right up next to her and dozed off myself. Just a bit later David joined us...and lo and behold we all woke up two hours later refreshed!

So, I'm a bit of fan now...weekend naps might become a nice treat for us.

Another big event of the day. We put together Morgan's high chair! She won't be ready for solid food for a few more months, but I'd been thinking about getting it set up for a while since it's been sitting in a box in our bonus room since before she arrived. Enjoy these pics and a few others from the day.

She looks so little in there!

She's been trying to turn over on her changing table. She arches her back and looks completely backwards. So funny!

David took this pic of her in her Bumbo. He says this is the "drunk Bumbo girl."

Friday, March 28, 2008

Looky what I found!

A few weeks ago Morgan discovered she has hands. She wrings them together (per David, a la "Mr. Burns" from the Simpsons), stares at them and sucks on her fists. I can't wait until she finds her feet!

"What do I do with these things?"

With Mommy on Easter...she loves to "prop" her fist on my shoulder so it's easy to get at

"Daddy loves it when I do my "Mr. Burns" impression"

Our Funny Bunny Girl

My sister Ali just sent us pictures from her visit over Easter weekend. On Easter Sunday Morgan wore her "bunny outfit" out to brunch. She had such a good time she conked out in her carseat on the way home. She attracted a lot of attention at the restaurant. We kept telling people we had captured the Easter bunny.