Wednesday, July 23, 2008

While Daddy's Away...

...Morgan and Mommy will play. Nothing big to post about, but here's a few items from the past few days:

*I discovered yesterday that Morgan's other lower middle tooth is on it's way in. No wonder her usual biting on my shoulder (while I hug her of course) was more painful that usual. Ouch!

* We went to Storytime at the local Barnes & Noble today. There were a few other kids there. There is a story read and then a craft project. Hopefully when she's older she'll enjoy the crafts. She did seem pretty interested in the book and the story though.

* I gave Morgan mashed bananas today instead of pureed. She gagged, then looked at me like I was trying to poison her. Well, that didn't deter her from trying another bite. After three gagging episodes I decided she'd had enough for now. Like her Daddy, sometimes I wonder if she has an "off" button that tells her she's had enough food.

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