Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sank You

Good timing! Right before Thanksgiving Morgan "got" the concept of saying "thank you". She doesn't quite pronounce the "th" sound well yet, so it comes out "sank you." Sometimes she says "sanks" and "oh sank you," as well. In fact she says it a lot. Everytime I give her a book, a sippy cup, a toy, a little more milk in her glass at meals...she says "sank you!" So cute.

It's funny, we never really have pushed saying "thank you." We'll throw it in now and then and it seems she suddenly got it. We've been working a lot harder on "please" and she still needs to be prompted to say this. I'm sure someday it will "click" in her head, but for now we're loving our thank yous!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Go Bears!

Morgan and Piper wore their Cal cheerleading outfits on Saturday. Sorry, no pictures, but I promise they were dreadfully cute. Unfortunately our team has not been so good this year, but managed to put on a respectful showing against the #1 University of Oregon.

When we got home from our friends' house that night Morgan grabbed my pom poms and did a big "Go Bears!" cheer. We cheered along with her.

Then she said "Go Ducks!" Uh oh. Well, maybe she saw the Oregon Ducks on TV. At least she's still cheering on the Pac-10, right?

Finally she said "Go Sheep!" Huh?!!! I guess we're cheering for all animals, not colleges. Oh well.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sweet Sleeping Baby

We had just headed back to the hotel from our picnic at Cathedral Beach. Piper fell asleep on the ride. Usually when I pull her out of her car seat she wakes up. She did stir some this time, but I pulled her into my chest really quickly and to my surprise she stayed asleep. I got to snuggle with her in our room for about a half an hour until something woke her up. She hasn't done this since she was a newborn, so it was really sweet to be able to have even a short time of snuggling.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Self Portrait

When I downloaded our pictures from Yosemite I found this lovely shot!! I can tell it is taken in our room at the lodge, but I have no idea when she did this. Hilarious!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yosemite Family Reunion

Yay! I finally got my pictures downloaded and had a little time to blog. Piper actually just woke from her nap, so this may have less detail than usual. I probably go on too much anyway.

Our first glimpse of Yosemite Falls. Our road trip up to Yosemite was, well, interesting. On the way up Priest Grade I knew we were in trouble when Morgan starting whining and putting her hand over her mouth. She threw up all over the car!! Poor thing. We were able to pull over and as I was unbuckling her from her carseat she was saying "No, No, No!" I had to strip her down on the side of the road. Once she was wiped down and in new clothes she was happy as a clam. For myself, I had to take care of cleaning the mess of the car seat and the rest of the surrounding items. Ick. We did the best we could and completed the trip without incident. I consider this somewhat a rite of passage for us as parents. It had to happen at some point.

When we arrived in the valley we were struck by the amazing Fall colors. What a great time to be there! This was a get-together with my Dad's siblings and their families, my cousins. It was great to see everyone as we all arrived that day.

At Yosemite Falls, Morgan was more fascinating by stomping in the puddles than anything else. She did like to say "waterfall" over and over.

Piper being sweet with her Aunt Ali. She was nice and smile-y for everyone.

Here are the Bottomley siblings, Forrest (Buster), Berri, Bonnie and Bruce.

Here are some of the cousins, Ali, Amy, Becky and Meg. Poor Sara was resting in her room. She was amazing to make the trip with walking pneumonia. We were so glad to see her though.

Our little family. Not quite Christmas Card worthy, but what can you do with two kids under three years old?

Ah, Half was good to see you. I don't have pictures of it, but we had a nice cookout at the Lower Pines campground. It has an even better view of Half Dome.

The entrance to the Ahwahnee Hotel. Mom, Ali and I took a walk over there and had a drink. Yummy Basil Gimlet! It was my one kid-free time during this trip. It was niiiiice...

On our last day we had a picnic at Cathedral beach. Morgan headed straight for the river. She LOVED throwing rocks in the water. My Dad took this action shot. You can actually see the rock!

Piper headed for the water too. She managed not to go in, as Morgan got her shoes soaked!

The whole family! This is the best we could get of Morgan. It looks like she's inspecting something, but she really trying to stand up and run away. She did request a rousing game of "Ring around the Rosie" on the beach though. Funny girl!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Since we've been gone

It's been a while. We've been off on vacation to Northern California and Yosemite National Park. We are home and getting settled back into our routine. I will post some pictures and updates soon. Quite an adventure traveling with two kiddos under 3 years old. In short, we're finally catching up on some sleep.