Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jail Break

It finally happened. When my parents were visiting in September my Mom had an ingenious idea to "corral" Morgan in an area between our two couches in the bonus room. This had plenty of play space for her, but we knew at one point she would figure out how to get through the barrier. This gate is meant for a doorway where you can secure it with a pressure lock, but between the couches it is really just wedged in instead of secured. It worked well for quite a while. On Friday she finally broke out! These are pictures of the actual moment she escaped for the first time.

Now we need a new strategy...any ideas?!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

First Snow

Right on time this year. Most years we get our first snow right around Thanksgiving and this year Friday was the day at our house. It was about dusk when I took these shots on a few different camera settings (my camera is not sophisticated). One is the backyard and the other is from the front door. The second one is pretty dark, but David liked that you could really see the snow falling. Our neighbors already have all their lights up! It's looking a lot like Christmas around here.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Many Thanks

We have so many things to be thankful for this year. Our little Morgan, of course, would be at the top of our list. She just lights up our home each day with her big smiles, laughs and developing personality. We just can't imagine our life without her. Sometimes I even forget that it's 6:00 am when I go in her room and she's ready and raring to go jumping up and down in her crib.

We are so thankful for our families as their love and support are essential. We are also blessed with great friendships, some old and some very new, but each important in their own ways.
I am blessed especially by my husband who's giving heart and loving ways calm my ever-anxious spirit in ways no one else can. We are thankful for our church community who shows us the love God calls us give to others as well as challenging us to grow in our faith and deepen our relationships with Jesus.

We spent a relaxing Thanksgiving with David's Aunt and Uncle, Trudy and Dan who live in Coeur d'Alene. I just downloaded some pictures from the day and as usual, they are all photos of Morgan...I think to myself, why didn't I get any shots of the adults? I've got to work on that.
Morgan had a "first" cream! Now that she's had this most wonderful experience, I'm not sure she'll eat anything else. This is the first "food" she's eaten that she actually cried when we took it away. Oh boy, we've got our hands full. Check it out...

First Bite

Hmm, it's cold, but I like it

Another bite

(she opened her mouth really wide for each bite which means she really likes it)

Hey!!! I'm not done yet!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Yes, this is the gratuitous baby-eats-spaghetti-and-gets-it-all-over-her-face post. You've just got to do it though. We decided to strip Morgan down to her diaper for this meal and we were glad we did. Morgan didn't so much like to eat the spaghetti herself, though she did get a few handfuls a try. It was just more fun to smoosh it all over her tray, high chair and herself.

Here how it went down...
Getting her hands in it
She actually slurped a few bits of pasta right into her mouth!
The aftermath of the tray
Messy hands (so chubby too!)
Look Daddy, I'm all done!

Check out her right thigh, a few handfuls went down into the chair. BTW, why does it look like she has a farmer tan?

That was goooood!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tummy Update, Giggles and Games

Morgan is feeling much better today. We didn't have any further "episodes." She had a simple diet of diluted apple juice and saltine crackers all day yesterday and this morning she had some half-strength formula with no problem. This afternoon she had her usual sippy cup of formula for lunch. She's been happy and very cute, so we think it might have just been an isolated episode. I felt some on the back of her gums and they seemed a little 'bumpy." I don't usually feel back there, so I don't know if there are 12-month molars coming or not. Just a guess.

I've noticed the last few days that random things seem to make Morgan giggle. They aren't full-out laughs, but little giggles when she's playing or when she gets your attention. I heard a little giggling from the backseat on some car rides yesterday as well. She had her little toy cell phone along for that ride and that seems to be pretty funny to her lately.

We've got a weekend full of football for Daddy (going to a high school game tonight, watching college games tomorrow and pro games on Sunday). Luckily this involves some of my friends and Morgan's friends so we'll have fun too...not that I don't like football, but it seems to be the theme of the weekend this time around.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tummy Troubles

Morgan woke up this morning not quite herself. I noticed as I was changing her diaper that she'd "urped" a bit on herself in her crib that morning. Just a little spit up, not too concerning.

Then, I figured something was off when I made her a bottle and she really had little interest. Usually she gets all excited, dumps whatever she is playing with and hurries over to me. She took her own sweet time this morning, and once she finally cruised her way over to me she drank about 4 ounces and wouldn't eat any more. I let her go off and play. About twenty minutes later she was playing in the corner beyond the couch where I can't see her. She seemed content enough, making a little fish toy play music. Then I heard an unmistakable hiccup sound followed by a "splash" of sorts. I peeked over the edge of the couch and sure enough, she was tossing her cookies. Poor baby.

Morgan is napping now, I decided to wait on any further feeding for a bit to let her tummy rest. We are lucky enough to have a neighbor (and friend) who is a pediatric nurse practitioner. I gave her a call and she gave me some great advice.

When she gets up, we're off to the store for a few supplies. Let's hope this is a one-time episode and she'll be on the mend.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Elijah's Birthday

We had the privilege of attending our friend Elijah's First Birthday party on Saturday. We had a great time and Morgan got to play with her buddy too. Here's a few photos of some playtime they had with his new toys.

No, we will not come out from under this table. We are hiding from you.
Now, Morgan, you cannot play with this toy, it is my favorite!

Mom, Morgan's sitting on my new toy!

Oooh! A hippo computer!

Here Morgan, let me show you my Blog. You'll love it!
Happy Birthday Elijah! Thank you for inviting us to your party! You'll have to come to Morgan's in just a few weeks.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our Good Girl

Morgan is imitating our words more and more. Recently I realized she was making a hard "G" sound, this is a brand new consonant for her. Now, she doesn't say "goo goo" like it is thought that many babies say, it is more like "guh".

While listening for a while I figured out that it was a two "syllable" sound like guh guh...guh guh...guh guh. She'll be crawling around the floor or climbing the stairs and I'll hear her cute little voice saying guh guh...guh guh...guh guh.

Suddenly it dawned on me that she was imitating me saying "Good Girl." I do say it a lot. I say it when she's drinking from her sippy cup, eating really well or to encourage her along as she's climbing the stairs. I say it when she masters new skills or when she gets up from a particularly nice (restful) nap. She's really a good girl in general, so I probably say it even more than I think I do. David says it some too, but most often I think it is from me. I'm not sure if she knows what it really means yet, but I think she's getting close!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jumperoo Then and Now

Morgan still LOVES her Jumperoo! We keep thinking she's going to get tired of it, but every time we put her in it she just starts jumping and jumping and jumping! I always know she wants to jump when she pulls herself up on it and starts bouncing up and down. Here are some photos from when we first bought it and just a few days ago:

Morgan is about 4 months old in this photo. The jumperoo was on the lowest setting (see how far she is away from the bird and frog hanging above her head). She was also jumping on her tippy toes.

Here she is now. The jumperoo is now on the highest setting and she can grab the bird and frog easily, each in one hand. In fact, she does this while jumping! It looks like she still has a little room to grow in it, but not too much. We figure once she starts walking she won't want to be confined to it, but for now I'm thrilled we are getting so much use out of it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kissy Mommy, Kissy Mommy, Kissy Mommy

I've been working with Morgan on "kisses" for a very long time. My Mom can attest to this. When she was helping us out for an extended period in January I started my "Kissy Mommy's". I would hold a newborn Morgan up to my face and touch her lips to my cheek three times and say "Kissy Mommy" each time. My Mom said, someday she'll surprise you and actually kiss you!

So, I've continued the Kissy Mommy's every day before her nap. We always read Morgan a book before we put her down for her naps. Right after the story is over, before putting her in the crib I hold her up to my face and do the "Kissy Mommy's." As she's gotten older, she'll sometimes let me do it, but for a while it evolved to her turning her head every time I tried to do it. Even so, I persevered.

Yesterday Mommy got her first kisses!!! She had unfortunately just sustained a bonk on the head (Jumping OUTSIDE the jumperoo while holding on to it is a little tricky). After some tears and hugs she happened to lean in and sort of "kiss" me...on the lips, no less! She made the sound she makes when she blows her kisses...a big "MWAH!" I quickly directed her to my cheek and said "Kissy Mommy." To my surprise she kissed my cheek with a big "MWAH!" Yay Morgan! I was so excited! She did it a few more times so I couldn't wait to show David when he came home. that time it was in her distant memory because she hasn't done it again. But as history has proven, she'll do something once, then she forgets it for a while. She'll probably suddenly "remember" again and it will stick.

Now, she has been giving Daddy some "kisses" today, but involves some licking...ick! I think she's checking out Daddy's 5 o'clock shadow more than really kissing him, but he likes it!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Saw the Sign

We've been inconsistently working with Morgan on some baby sign language for the past few months. This is mostly at mealtime. I try to demonstrate and make examples of the signs for Milk, More, All Done and Eat. I have no idea if I've been doing this right. Well...the last few weeks Morgan has been making signs, but it's the SAME sign for ALL the words. If you can picture the sign for Milk, you open and close both fists, sort of like you're milking a cow. Her "sign" has been the Milk sign, but with only her right hand. I'll say Milk...and she'll open and close her right fist (actually, she bends her hand at the knuckles with her fingers pretty straight, so cute). Then later I'll say All Done and she'll open and close her right hand again. Same thing for More. Well, at least it's something.

Yesterday she surprised us by using BOTH hands when David was making her formula for dinner. Last week we switched out her lunch and dinner bottles for the sippy cup. She's actually getting pretty good at it. We even took out the valve that controls the flow of liquid (advised so they learn to sip the liquid and instead of sucking it out like a bottle). This makes things a little messier, but she's getting better each time. I haven't had to rescue an upside-down cup in the past day or two. When Grandma and Grandpa B were here over the weekend they really did a great job with her on this and made it easy on me!

Well, tonight we were eating dinner and she went through her first 3 ounces of "milk" really quickly. She was drinking so fast she'd breathe really hard when she came up for air! It made me laugh. I gave her the other 3 ounces and she sucked that down too. When she was done she put her sippy cup down on her tray and signed Milk with both hands again! No, she didn't use More, but I'm pretty sure that's what she meant. I gave her a few more ounces and she signed again! Unfortunately she was at her limit for that meal, so I gave her some watered-down juice. She didn't take to that so well, but she could have been too full of milk.

She might be getting it! I'm going to be more diligent with the differences in the signs now and she if she catches on.

Oh, and the open and closing of the right hand is also "bye bye." That little chubby hand sure is getting a workout!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grandpa's Pat-a-Cakes

From Grandpa's Pancakes to Grandpa's Pat-a-Cakes! Morgan like's Granpa B's Pat-a-Cakes (or Patty Cakes?) and the Itsy Bitsy Spider so much , she will crawl over to him, pull herself up, grab his hands and put them together. She also won't let him stop until she's good and ready. She'll grab his hands again and "demand" that he do it again!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Grandpa's Pancakes

Grandpa makes some very special and yummy cornmeal pancakes. This is the pancake recipe of choice in our house. Morgan had her first taste of the pancakes a few weeks ago. She really likes them! We know she'll enjoy them even more once she is able to have them with butter and syrup (we're waiting on that for a while).

Thursday, November 6, 2008

11 Months Old!

She was actually 11 months yesterday, but we did the pictures too late in the day to make Wordless Wednesday. Here's a few configurations we tried for the pictures. She's hard to keep still. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tales and Tidbits

Morgan is doing and saying new things everyday. Here are a few of the latest:

* There is a lot more yelling going on. We were in Costco the other day. I took Morgan in the cart in one direction and David went to look for something in another aisle. A few minutes later Morgan decided (for whatever reason) to stating yelling at the top of her lungs. At that point David was coming back to the cart. He said to a nearby shopper, "Is that my baby making all that noise." She laughed. Yes, its cute for now, but she does in more and more frequently in public. Hmmm...

* She has a new phrase that sounds like either "dit doe" or "da doe." She says it so much we're wondering if it actually means something. David likes to repeat it back to her and she she says it back to him again. When she says the "doe" part her lips make a little "o" shape. Too cute.

* She's walking better and better with her "walk n ride" toy. We don't have to follow so close behind her anymore in case she falls. She does veer to the left quite often though...

* Morgan has become quite attached to what we call her "Horsey Cow." I think it's actually a giraffe, minus the long neck...odd. But she just LOVES it! It came attached to a flower arrangement when she was born and then sat on her changing table when she was a teeny-tiny. Now he's the first toy she plays with in the morning. She'll hold him out to us and we'll take him and shake him (it's a stuffed toy/rattle)...sometimes I'll give him silly kisses. All this time she laughs and makes screeching sounds. Then she wants him back pretty quick or she'll cry. The other day Horsey Cow needed a bath very badly. I put him on top of the washer and unfortunately Morgan saw him as we left for church yesterday. David had to do some quick distracting to avoid a meltdown. She was thrilled to see him this morning all clean and fresh! I'll have to get an updated picture soon, but this one from when she was first noticing things around her at about 7 weeks old.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Look, I made it work!

I think one of the best things about watching your child grow is literally watching them learn.

I like to show Morgan how to do things, whether it's how an interactive toy works or just simply taking toys in and out of a container (for now she just takes them out). At first she is not very interested in what I am showing her, she just wants to play with the toy or other item that I am trying teach her about. If I keep at it, she will eventually watch what I am doing and then try it herself.

For an example, Morgan's Aunt Ali bought her a "spinny" toy at Old Navy when she visited earlier this month. This toy has a handle with a bulb at the top that has lights inside that spin around when you push a button. It was made to use outside in the dark on Halloween. Morgan has just been fascinated with it. To make the lights turn on and the pumpkin spin you have to hold down a tiny little button on the handle. It is not easy for an almost 11 month old baby to press and hold the button down. At first we just turned it on and she watched it. Then she'd pick it up and look at it quizzically, probably wondering why it didn't light up. Then I would show her the little button and I'd press it. Then I'd take one of her little fingers and put it on the button and hold it down with my finger on top of hers. You actually have to apply quite a bit of pressure to hold the button down. I'd show her every time, not expecting that she'd be able to do it herself.

Last night I was making dinner and David brought Morgan downstairs to "show me something." He set her down on the floor with the "spinny toy". She proceeded to put one of her fingers on the button and turn it on! Yay Morgan! David said she was playing with her upstairs and she had her back to him. He kept hearing a buzzing sound and when he got closer to see what she was holding he saw he turning the toy on and off! Such a smart girl!

Here she is working on it...

Ta Da!!