Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby vs. Lovey

Morgan at 6 weeks old with "Lovey"

This morning with her new "baby"

Morgan loves her "Lovey"! It is a soft little security blanket that has a bunny head and a little blanket for the body. She's had it with her in her crib since she was about 6 months old.
Yesterday we took a trip to Toy R Us. I had to return a few things, so we browsed a little too. We passed by the baby dolls and Morgan got a BIG smile on her face. I had bought her a doll a little after her first birthday, but did not give it to her because she started a terrible round of teething and was chewing on everything she could get her hands on. Yesterday I decided it was time to give her the doll. We needed to start some "baby training" too. I was curious to see how she would play with the doll.

So, when we got home I pulled the doll out of the closet along with a toy stroller a friend gave her for her birthday. Once she got ahold of the "baby"she immediately hugged it, then either kissed, or licked her head. Hmmm. I told her she needed to be gentle with the baby and she complied by hugging her and kissing her head some more. I think she was just placating me, because later in the day she showed her true colors.

Enter the Lovey. Yesterday I also decided to move Morgan's gate to the top of the stairs instead of the door to the bonus room. I left her bedroom door open, but closed the other doors upstairs. She had so much fun playing in her room. She "read" her books. She also took to walking the whole length of the hallway. She's never had such freedom before!! So, her Lovey usually just sits in her crib waiting for naps and bedtime. Now that Morgan can play in her room, she's been bringing Lovey out to play from time to time. The first time she brought "him" out (I don't know why we call it a "him" since it's pink) she headed straight to the doll stroller, forcefully threw the doll on the floor and put lovey in the stroller. I think we have some work to do. It may take a while for Morgan to warm up to the baby doll. Lovey certainly reigns supreme at this point.
This morning Morgan played in her room for a bit. I was in the bonus room and called her name a few times. Out Morgan came with Lovey in her arms. She had retrieved him from her crib again. She made sure that I said hello to Lovey and off she went to play some more. So cute. We'll keep working on the "baby" though.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hate to say it...

...but Morgan seems to be sick again. I'm sure you all just love the "sick baby" posts, but it seems as just as she's getting better, she gets sick again (or more teething on top of it). A few days ago we had a weird occurrence where she gagged on some food and threw up. Then all day yesterday she didn't eat well. Each time I tried to introduce some mild food she'd cough some and then upchuck again (yuck.) By dinner time I gave up trying. She didn't seem hungry and I wanted to avoid more messes.

This morning she's all sneezy and has got the constant runny nose, as well as the tell-tale sign of her 'weepy' left eye. Yup, another cold. She woke up around 5:30 am and wouldn't go back to sleep. Luckily David offered to get up with her (yay!)...he'd been out of town for two days, so he didn't mind spending some time with her so I could get a little more sleep. She ate a decent amount of cereal at breakfast, but wasn't too interested in lunch. She's napping now. Overall she's a little subdued, but still pretty active and "herself." This morning she also repeated "woof woof woof" when we looked at pictures of a dog. Actually I said "woof woof woof," she said something more like "woo woo uff uff uff." Pretty close don't you think?!

The sun is out here and temperatures are slowly creeping up. Let's hope it will be an end to the sickies for the Summer. We're ready!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Boo Boo says...

A new game unfolded at the dinner table tonight. Morgan was showing us how big she is (raising her hands in the air to illustrate as she often does.) As I went to the fridge to grab more water, I heard Morgan laughing hysterically. When I can back, Mommy also had her hands raised, which Morgan found hilarious. Every time Morgan's arms went up, so did Mommy's, and laughter ensued. Soon Daddy joined in the fun, and the light went on in Morgan..."I can make these saps do anything I want!"

The next round of "Boo Boo says" commenced with Morgan jamming her fist in her mouth, and trying to talk (something she's been doing for quite some time...yet never ceasing to sound really funny. You should try it some time.) Of course, Mom and Dad followed suit. Then a twist when she transitioned to talking fist and blowing kiss in one motion. Sometimes it was a very sweet, quiet "mwah...", followed immediately by an emphatic "MWAH!!" She was obviously testing whether or not Mommy and Daddy were clever enough to keep up with her.

At this point she switched to simple hand clapping (so as not to blow the circuitry of her outmatched competition.) Once satisfied that we'd mastered this brain-buster, she threw down the gauntlet by taking her sippy cup and slamming it against her tray. After careful consideration...Mommy and Daddy threw in the towel and declared Morgan the winner!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

15 Month Dr. Appointment

We just got home from Morgan's "15 Month" Well Baby appointment. The Doctor said she's looking good! Here are her stats...note: somebody must have not been too accurate with the length measurement at her 12 month appt., because it was exactly the same this time. I watched her do it too, so I know this time it was correct.

Weight: 25 lbs. 2.5 oz.
Length: 32 inches
Head Circ: 47 cm

So, she really is slowing on the growth curve, finally. Her height and weight are now in the 75th percentile (bye bye 90th). I think her head's still high up there, but the Dr. didn't give us a percentile.

The Dr. was happy she's walking now, though Morgan wouldn't demonstrate...but I don't think I'd want to try to walk on the cold laminate floor in only a diaper either. The Dr. trusted us. I was concerned about her verbal communication, but the Dr. said her overall non-verbal communication was really good, so she thinks the words will start coming soon. Morgan says Duck (duh), Good Girl and Wow just like she did at her 12 month appt. She has only added an "EIEIO." Most of these are more repetitious than real words. She's got all kinds of new sounds though, so she's getting there.

Morgan also showed the Dr. that she knew where her nose and belly button are. She started doing this (when asked) in just the last two weeks. The Dr. said that shows she understands what we are saying and asking of her and that is most important.

She did get two shots today so there were some tears. She quieted pretty quickly when we gave her a cup of juice. Sweet stuff helps everything. I gave her some Motrin when we got home and I'll keep an eye on her for any reactions. Sometimes she gets tired sooner, so we may enjoy a long nap today, yay!

So overall she is doing well, no concerns at all. On to the next appointment at 18 Months.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa B Visit, Part 1

Let's see if I can get this posted before Morgan wakes up from her nap. I will have a few posts on Grandma and Grandpa B's visit. We had a nice time. We didn't go out much as it's still pretty cold here, but as I was looking through the pictures (thanks G&G!) we kept ourselves pretty busy.

Grandma bought Morgan a few new books. She loves this one with the bright colors and pretty pictures.

Morgan walking to Grandpa

This is the "scrunchy face" Morgan makes for the red eye flash on Grandpa's camera.

Walking to Mama

Walking to Daddy, with a big hug at the end! Also, notice the baby "mullet." I just can't bear to cut her hair yet. David can't wait!

It looks like she's running...but she's walking to Mama. Please excuse my no makeup and old glasses. Ugh.
As you can see, Morgan finally had a breakthrough and started doing some real walking the day that Grandma and Grandpa B arrived. In fact, it was right before we left for the airport that she took about 6-7 steps. She'd only done about 1-2 steps in a row before. We've been waiting a long time! Apparently it is completely normal for some kids to not walk until up to 18 months. She just didn't show much interest until recently. Since these pictures were taken (a week ago), she is getting even braver, going longer distances. It seems she doesn't have to concentrate quite as hard either. She was so hesitant before. We're so proud of her!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Hugs

I think I mentioned in a recent post how Morgan has been learning how to give hugs. I'll put her on my lap and say "give Mama a hug" and she'll lean in with her arms out. It is so sweet! Lately when she's been walking back and forth between David and I she'll give a final "leap" into our arms for a big hug. Oh...yes, she's walking now. Not full time yet, but she's getting braver every day.

Back to the hugs, yesterday she did the funniest thing. We were headed home from dropping Grandma and Grandpa B at the airport (more on that visit in posts to come)...and I decided to stop by the mall to get my favorite frozen coffee drink. When we got there we had to wait in line and there was another Mom with a few kinds in front of us. Morgan spied a girl, a little older than her and she watched her for a little while. The girl was holding her Mom's hand, and she was checking Morgan out too. I put Morgan on the floor and held her hand too so she couldn't get too far. She toddled right over to the little girl. She got herself right in front of her, let go of my hand, leaned in and put her arms out for a hug! Unfortunately the girl had no idea what to do, so Morgan didn't get her hug...but she was so sweet to try! I told her she was a good girl and picked her up for a big hug. Somehow all of this happened without the girl's mom noticing at all. I think she was trying to corral two older boys who were wandering all over the shop.

I'm really curious now to see if she does this with other kids she knows. Her friend Kirsten is a big hugger and I know she'll return the hug with gusto! Too cute!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Mish Mash

So sorry I haven't been posting lately. I can't believe it's already Thursday! We've been getting over colds and (as of this morning) catching new ones. Can't seem to get much of a break from the runny noses and sneezes. At least this one doesn't seem to be as bad as that virus was. Let's hope it stays that way.

Grandma and Grandpa B are coming for a visit tomorrow. I've been telling Morgan all
week...not that she really "gets" it yet. I'm hoping to avoid a separation anxiety meltdown, but if it happens, she'll get over it pretty quickly. She should be really happy to have more people to read her books to her. We read her books over and over again each day as she'll bring them to me one after another. Unfortunately I'm reluctant to buy too many new ones now as she's still in "destructo" mode with them. Little pointy parts of all 4 of her first molars have poked through. Possibly she will give her books (and other toys) a break from the chewing soon.

We heard the "Biscuit's" heartbeat again yesterday. It was 160 bpm. That's right where Morgan's heartbeat was all along. There is an Old Wives Tale that a heartbeat in that range is a girl, which was true with Morgan, but that's why it's an Old Wives Tale...it not necessarily true. We may know more at the end of next week when I have an ultrasound.

That's about it for now. We'll try to take some pictures this weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. It's a combo of raining and snowing outside now...yuck. Here comes the book monster. Gotta go!