Friday, July 11, 2008


Morgan has learned how to splash with her hands! Well...her left hand. Two nights ago she was in the bathtub and I finished washing her. As we do lately, I turned her around in the tub so she could sit straight up and play for a bit. She likes to play with two little toy ducks. In the past she had splashed a little with her legs, but not quite as much lately. While she is playing she is always fascinated with the pink "pad" on the other side of the tub. This is the cushioned part on the side that is at an angle. She was touching it with her left hand and she moved her hand a little faster than usual causing the water to splash. I could almost see the wheels turning in her head as she put it together. Then she proceeded to splash again with her hand, she thought a bit more...then she splashed again...and again...and again, then she splashed some water in her eye. Oops! She stopped for just a second to consider this and decide if she was OK, then started to splash again harder and harder, splashing Mommy quite a lot in the process. She was very amused with herself.

Last night I was curious if she'd remember the splashing and sure enough, when we turned her around in the tub she started splashing again...again, only with only her left hand. Too hilarious! And tonight she added her legs to the equation. But...still only her left hand. Does this mean she will be a lefty? Who knows? I love watching this learning process. We're almost ready to give up the baby tub. I can't wait to see what fun she'll have in the big tub!

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