Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Babbling Baby

Morgan is discovering her "voice." For a long time she's been gradually making progress on new sounds, but now she's starting to string them together...and sometimes, quite loudly. We don't know what she's doing, babbling-wise, at daycare during the day, but the babbling seems to increase the closer she gets to her bedtime with the loudest time while she getting her lotion/massage and jammies put on. In fact, this evening she even babbled a while in her crib before falling asleep. Mostly its the "da-da-da" sounds mentioned previously, with a few shrieks thrown in for effect. She's seems to be having so much fun!

BTW: Despite much encouraging, there has been no attempts at anything resembling "ma-ma". Yes, this comes later in the language skill set, but this Mama can try right?

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