Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our New Backyard

Our backyard landscaping is done!! We think it turned out really nice. We took these pictures yesterday before we put our new patio furniture together (you'll see a box or two on the patio in a few of these pictures). I tried to get all the angles of the yard and some photos are a little shadowy. It's not big, but it's just the right size for our little family. Morgan will be running around on the grass in no time! I'll add some more photos the patio furniture as soon as I can.

Now David's hankering for a gas barbecue...just show me the commission, honey...Momma doesn't bring home the bacon anymore (and that landscaping was not cheap). Hee hee!


The Pyper Fam said...

Love your backyard! It looks perfect for a little one, and yes... sooner rather than later, she will be running around like crazy! :) I'm sorry to hear about the lay-off, but like you said, maybe a blessing in disguise, right? :) This time in Morgans little life won't ever happen again! Being at home with Tucker has been the best decision! Anyway, we should totally get together for a play day with the little ones, one of these days, now that you have more time. Call me anytime! 991-2471. We can call Sharlene too!

Ali Rae said...

Your backyard looks fantastic! Doesn't your house seem more "finished" now? Very nice.