Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Fun!

We had an eventful Fourth this year! We started the festivities at the Liberty Lake parade. This is a cute community parade where residents decorate their golf carts, make up fun dances/routines to perform and create rather crude, yet creative floats. The best part is that the parade participants throw candy into the crowd for the kids and it's a big race to grab as much candy as you can. Trauma always ensues as some get more candy than others, but the parents try to keep everything as fun as possible. Here are a few photos of our friends and Morgan's friends Kirsten and Kelsey. Notice the cute Old Navy outfit from Auntie Ali. One of our friends declared Morgan "best dressed baby" of the day.

We headed home after the parade to get ready to go to the beach...and Morgan started to act a bit odd. She was really fussy and her head felt warm. We took her temp...102.7! Of course all the Urgent Care centers are closed on a holiday...then we remembered one of our neighbors is a pediatric nurse practitioner. She came to the rescue and said it just sounded like a cold combined with some teething (more on that in a post to come). She gave us some baby Advil and within an hour or so her temp was back to normal and she was much more herself. Another nap helped out a lot too.
Later in the evening we went to our friends' home on Liberty Lake for the fireworks. We were a little sad because we had wanted to take Morgan swimming in the lake, but that will have to wait. Here a few pics from the rest of the evening. Our little one nodded off before the fireworks started and only stirred a little at the really loud ones.

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