Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jumperoo Boo-Boo

From Morgan's Daddy - The 2nd part of this blog title refers to her nickname. The 1st part deals with the new love of her life. Actually, the Jumperoo even comes through in a pinch when Mom and Dad need a surrogate babysitter - referred to as "Neglect-A-Baby" by Mom (Don't tell CPS!!!). JK .

Not only does this provide a new source of entertainment for baby, but an array of new sounds and expressions. As much as we say we need to get her out after any given time, she comes up with a new trick or expression that prompts us to give it "just a couple more minutes", lest we miss another new discovery.

The other day we even went mobile with the unit - all the way down the stairs and out into the front yard. She was so entertaining, even neighbor kid Elliot stuck around for 20 minutes to watch (no mean feat - holding the attention of an 8-year old.)

The only downside - we fear her other toys are starting to feel neglected. Sure, she'll hang out on the jungle gym mat or the lily pad for a short time, but none can hold the attention or the affections of the Morganator like Jumperoo. In fact, the only thing that may trump it is a turn behind the wheel of the Hyundai in a Britney Spears-like spin around the block. (Again, JK CPS!)
In other news, Morgan had her first date tonight. It was a supervised affair with Elijah Shackelford - the son of Migdalia and Spokane Shock Coach Adam. The loction was Winger's in Spokane Valley. All was going well until it was revealed that dinner was only prepared for one of them. In an amazingly selfless gesture, Elijah deferred to the little lady. He was carried off in a mucus-filled yet entirely noble meltdown. I'd like to say that Morgan appreciated the sacrifice, yet her only response was couple of grunts and a burp.
We appreciate all who take the time to look in on the latest adventures of our Boo-Boo. We'll continue to update you on her latest Jumperoo tricks...and her love life!

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