Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby Laughs

Morgan laughed for me (Mommy) for the first time yesterday! She'd laughed for David, but I was not present either time. I have a friend who has a special tickle technique that made her laugh, but I could never master it on my own.

Yesterday she was hanging our in her little play gym. I lied down next to her and she moved toward me so we were face to face. She just was making the cutest little noises so I had to kiss her cheeks. I moved in and kissed her left cheek and to my surprise out came a little laugh! I went back and forth kissing each of her cheeks and she giggled after each one. It was so adorable I almost cried. Her Grandma and Grandpa A got to witness it and her Daddy came in just in time to hear one of the loudest ones, almost a squeal!

Did that make my day? Yes. Did it make my week (that hasn't even started)? Yes. I'd say that one's going to last me a long time. The littlest things bring such joy.

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