Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back To Daycare

I always get nervous about sending Morgan back to daycare after she's been out several days. We love that Grandma and Grandpa A came to visit and they could spend their days with her while David and I were working. Now it's back to the daycare germs and possible new illnesses. Since starting daycare Morgan has had a continuous runny nose and for the last week or so, a cough that's been hanging on. We have to look at the positive side and hope she's building up some immunities.

We do like the social aspect of having Morgan in daycare. She can get used to being around other kids and not necessarily always being the center of attention. She has even made a few "friends" already. One of them is a little girl who just turned a year old. We'll call her Little Miss A. Little Miss A first took to Morgan sometime during her first full week at daycare. When I arrived to pick her up one day, one of the teachers told me a cute story. Earlier in the day Morgan was doing some tummy time and getting fussy as usual. Little Miss A noticed her fussy cries and crawled over to Morgan and patted her on the head, as if to say "it's OK." So adorable. Another time I called the daycare to see how Morgan was doing (as I do fairly often mid-day), and they said she was in the Jumperoo (I'll explain what that is another time) and Little Miss A was "entertaining" her. I love it! We are sad that Little Miss A will be transitioning to the Toddler room as soon as she is walking consistently. Morgan will miss her little buddy. Hopefully as she gets older and more interactive she will make more "friends" there.

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Ali Rae said...

That is SO sweet! Yeah for Morgan's daycare friends. : )