Monday, May 26, 2008

Roaring Rapids

Many of you know that we had a VERY long winter this year. In the past few weeks it's just started to feel like we could have a spring/summer. Unfortunately the warming weather has also caused problems with the lakes and rivers. Lake Coeur d'Alene is several feet above typical summer levels and is currently a no-wake zone. No fun for boaters. The Spokane River has also been overflowing it's banks. David went for a run on the Centennial Trail near our house and he had to turn around at the 7 mile marker because the trail was blocked by the water.

The extra water has also created quite a spectacle of Spokane Falls that runs through downtown. There were a few days last week where the pedestrian bridge was closed due to the high water spray. After church yesterday we decided to go take a look. Here are a few on the pictures to see them larger:

A view of the pedestrian bridge and water converging from both sides

A closer look

This kid's getting nice and wet!

David took that last picture. I wouldn't walk across the bridge with Morgan. It looked scary to me. There were lots of folks out there to take a look. There was also a very long line for the gondola ride that travels across the water, suspended above the rapids. Yikes! Many pedestrians were drenched from the spray, but having a great time.

We're off to do some Memorial Day shopping. Wish us luck...and hope we don't spend too much money! :-)

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