Monday, May 19, 2008

A Day at a Different Park

I've been behind on our blog. Grandma and Grandpa B are visiting and we've been very busy! Sunday we spent a nice day at Manito Park on the South Hill in Spokane. Spring has finally arrived!!
It was such a beautiful day. We picked up sandwiches and treats at my favorite bakery and spread out a few blankets in a shady spot near the playground. We watched Morgan roll around on the blankets for a while. She is getting quicker and more agile every day. Unfortunately she gets stuck on her tummy and can't remember how to get to her back. Too cute. For so long she only rolled from her back to her tummy. Now that she's figured out the other direction, she can't get back the original way she learned to roll. Hee hee.
We took a walk to the lilac gardens and the rose gardens. The lilacs were looking and smelling great! Can't say so much for the roses. Hopefully they're be in full bloom when Grandma and Grandpa come back in the fall.
I can't believe how big Morgan looks in our most recent pictures! Above is a great picture my Dad took with Morgan, my Mom and I. We call her our "chunky monkey" for a reason!

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