Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Day at the Park

With the weather in Spokane finally getting nice, we were able to spend a little time at the park with Morgan on Sunday. We had a nice time hanging out and people-watching at a local park called Mirabeau Meadows. Since it was one of the few nice days we've had so far this year, there were a TON of people there. We had to search to find a shady spot with semi-dry grass.

Morgan was watching some teenagers play with a volleyball. She has also recently discovered her feet and enjoys grabbing her toes and/or socks.

A nice park-goer offered to take a family photo. Can you believe Morgan is looking right at the camera?!

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Ali Rae said...

I'm so lucky! I get to see Morgan this weekend. ~Aunt Ali

PS - Oh, and I get to see Meg and David too. ;)