Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mommy Time

David's new job takes him out of town a few days each week. Sometimes I dread these days. David is so hands-on with Morgan that when he's gone he is missed dearly by both Mommy and Baby. The mornings are the most stressful. I have to get myself ready for work and Morgan ready for daycare. Every morning is different depending on when Morgan wakes only so much planning ahead can be done.

Aside from the thing I've noticed...I dread the days David's gone, but when I'm in the midst of it I really appreciate the time alone I get with Morgan. There is always something new and special for us to experience together. A few things from last night:

* Morgan spent a little time in her Jumperoo again. I'm trying not to leave her in there for too long, but I really needed to get something to eat. She continued to jump herself silly again. As I mentioned in an earlier post, they have the same one at her daycare. One of her teachers left a note on her daily report that she liked it so much she fell asleep in it! I hope they're not keeping her in there too long either...

* Morgan laughed for me again! Last time I made her laugh by kissing her cheeks and making funny sounds. I've been trying to do that again for a while with no luck. Last night I added a variation. When I kissed her I made a little "buzzing" sound with my lips on her cheeks that tickled a little. She especially liked it when I kissed her little chin. We called Daddy and he got to hear a few giggles too. Her little laughs are so sweet, like sparkles of sunshine. I know that sounds cheesy, but it makes me so happy!

* Bath time brought a new discovery. I was carefully cleaning some tender areas and I looked at her face and noticed she was sucking her thumb! She usually sucks her fist or a few fingers, but I'd never seen her actually put her thumb in her mouth.

* When I dropped her off at daycare this morning, I went to leave and the "pouty face" came out and she started to cry. I think we're seeing the start of some separation anxiety. The teacher was able to distract her with some toys before she really got going...and I slipped out the door. I don't want to her to get upset, but secretly I was a little proud of the fact that she would miss her Mommy.

Tune in next week for some more "Mommy Time" stories!

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