Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Long Week

I've been lagging on my blogging this week. It has been a long one for me at work with preparation for our PR team to visit on Thursday and then two days full of meetings and property tours. Though it is nice to have a change of pace and be out of the office, it is difficult to keep up with the day to day details. On Thursday night I also had a dinner with our company CEO, President, our PR team and a few co-workers. It was nice to have a great dinner out, but I missed my little Morgan terribly. I had to say goodbye to her in the morning and she was asleep when I got home that night. By Friday afternoon I was dying to see her. I got home a bit early from some meetings in downtown Spokane and begged David to come with me to get Morgan early from day care. It didn't take much begging because David was glad to go get her too.

We are ecstatic to have a long weekend with our little one. We are off to some friends' house to "watch" the Shock game. It will be broadcast over the internet. I can't imagine us all sitting around the computer, so I think I'll check in from time to time. The guys will keep us girls updated. Morgan's friend Elijah (and his mommy Migdalia) will be there so it will be sure to be a fun time. We'll take lots of pictures!! Go Shock!!

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