Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fussy Butt and Stinky Sleeper

We have a binder that we use to keep track of Morgan's feedings, diaper changes and sleeping. Yes, it is very anal, but I like to use it to see how her sleeping patterns have changed and if/when they coincide with the amounts she eats. There is one page per day. I found these tracking sheets on a website I frequent. They must be made for daycare providers or parents with multiples because there is a spot for a name at the top of the sheet. When we first started to use them we simple put "Morgan" at the top of the page. The I decided to use some of her cute and funny nicknames, so we gradually went through the list of names such as "boo-boo girl", "pooky-boo" and "sweet baby girl." There are so many, I could go on and on.

Now becoming bored with the usual nicknames, I decided this weekend to start using a name I felt applied to her temperment for that day. Yesterday she became "Fussy Butt." She was having a fussy day that I haven't seen since the colicky early months. She woke up several times that morning and was a challenge to get back to sleep. Then she was up for the day about 7 am. About 2 hours later she showed all signs of being sleepy (yawns, rubbing eyes), but refused to take a nap. Finally at almost noon she either she gave in to pure exhaustion or she was calmed by the loud static we played from the radio in her room. Sigh. Luckily she woke up about an hour and a half later much happier.

This morning she earned the name "Stinky Sleeper." Now, she wasn't actually stinky, but lately she has not been sleeping well. She has learned to roll over on her tummy and now prefers to sleep that way. We'll put her to sleep on her back and she'll stay that way for a few hours. Then she'll wake up, roll over and fuss for a while until she falls back asleep. She did that at about 11:00 pm last night. Then she woke up at about 1:15 and showed no signs of going back to sleep. I finally got up and fed her. She went back to sleep, then woke up at 5:15 am for the day. We hope she gets back to her 8-9 hour stretches of sleep again soon.

We are crossing our fingers for "happy baby" or "giggle girl" tomorrow.

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