Thursday, January 29, 2009

Icky Sicky

We've been lucky so far this Winter in that Morgan has not been sick. Well, today I can officially say she has a cold. Monday evening she spiked a 102.7 degree fever. Not alarming by any Doctor's standards, but unnerving for parents. She came out of her bath all shivering and whimpering. We bundled her up as soon as we got her dried off. We called our friendly neighborhood Nurse Practitioner (and friend), Sasha. She advised to dose her with some Children's Advil and give her more if she woke up in the night.

Morgan surprised us by sleeping well all night. She didn't show any signs of fever or illness the next day, nor much yesterday, but when she woke up this morning with lots of boogers and multiple sneezes we knew something was up. She also had the tell-tale sign of a "weepy" left eye. This is something I've been meaning to have checked out with an opthamologist because our pediatrician thinks it might be a blocked tear duct. It's kind of handy to tell when she truly has a cold though...

We've been laying low at home lately, which we will continue to do until the sickness clears. It is supposed to warm up to a "balmy" 40 degrees this weekend! Hopefully Morgan will be feeling better by then. She's still eating pretty well, playing, getting into everything and babbling away. She must not be feeling too bad. She'll be all better before we know it!

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