Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gramma and Grampa A Visit

We just finished up a great visit with David's parents. Morgan had not seen them since we were at their house last August, so we couldn't wait for this long-awaited visit!

Morgan took a little while to warm up...we are seeing a little more separation anxiety from her day to day, so that was probably the culprit. Overall it didn't take long for her to be giving "kisses" all around.

We enjoyed great meals and lots of good conversation. David and I were able to have a day/night away on Saturday and Sunday. We had a fabulous time with our friends at Silver Mountain. Amy and I had a blast on the inner tubes...the rides were much more hair-raising that we expected, but except for a bruise or two there were no issues. David snowboarded and Trevor skied and they got in just enough runs. It was clear sunny day too. Did you know that Silver Mountain has the "World's Longest Gondola Ride"? Well, this was until just recently when Whistler built a longer one in anticipation of the Olympics in 2010. I still think that's a pretty big feat for little ol' Kellogg, Idaho. It was quite a ride!

Aunt Trudy and cousin Patrick also came on Sunday for a visit full of food and football. We love seeing them and always wonder why we don't see each other more often. There's a good one to keep in mind for 2009!

Here are a few cute shots of Gramma, Grampa and Morgan. Please come back soon!!

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