Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tidbits from Toddler-dom

I'm not sure we can really say officially "toddler-dom" as it seems Morgan still has no interest in walking. She does tons of cruising and crawling, but still no progress anything independent. Anyway, she certainly doesn't seem to be much of a baby anymore...have you noticed how tall this girl is?! Here are a few tidbits:

* We ditched the bedtime sippy cup this weekend. She had eaten a particularly large dinner that night (can we say WHOLE veggie burger...yikes!) so I knew she didn't need the milk to get her through the night. When it came time when we usually give her the cup, she looked around for it, but didn't complain when it wasn't there. Check that one off the list!

* She finally cut her fourth bottom tooth. She had been really fussy at tooth brushing time for a week or so, so we think this was the culprit. We've been waiting for that tooth for a few months. Next should be the first molars and I hear they can be really painful. Hopefully she'll get a little break before they start coming in.

* She still is pretty much on a two nap schedule. Occasionally I mess her up with some morning activities and she occasionally refuses the morning nap, but I think she will keep that one for a bit longer.

* We are hearing lots of new sounds, but no new real words lately. I'm not sure what the developmental "rules" say, but we hope she's still on track. She somehow figures out how to communicate though. We are getting more protest yelling and she kind of sticks her arm/hand out towards something when she wants it. Not really pointing, but she gets the idea across.

* Sleeping is still pretty good. Except for one random night of midnight playtime a few days ago, she sleeps from about 8:15-7:15 or so. This morning my alarm went off at 7 am and I looked at the monitor to find her still asleep. Yay! I fell back asleep and woke up at about 7:50 am and she was playing quietly in her crib. I wonder how long she'd been awake? Who knows?

* We've started "time outs". She doesn't really get it yet, but I read that you can start at this age. Usually I put her in the designated spot and she just crawls away. Yesterday she was getting into a cabinet she wasn't supposed to be in and I did the whole warning thing...then picked her up and put her in time out. She looked at me, then lowered her head and started crying. She'd had a bit of a rough day with sleeping/napping, but I wondered if maybe she actually "got it." I left her there for a few seconds then picked her up and told her loved her. Today I had to do time out and she just crawled away again. Sigh. It's all progress, right?

Overall, Morgan is just a lot of fun! Sometimes I wish I had a break, but as soon as I get one I miss her like crazy!! I love her kisses and laughs. She can really get going sometimes! She loves to raise her arms above her head so we'll say "so BIG!" And she never gets enough of her Old MacDonald. Someday she'll join us on the EIEIOs!

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