Monday, February 2, 2009

Corn on the Cob

We've created a monster. Morgan LOVES corn on the cob! You might remember last Wednesday's "Wordless" photos. lunch today I brought out a new batch of corn and you'd think it was chocolate cake. I wasn't even giving it to her for lunch as I had to cook it and let it cool. She kept making noises and pointing at the uncooked corn. She wanted it so badly. I cooked it up, but had to hide it for the rest of the meal.

At dinner tonight I unveiled the corn again and got the same reaction. She was SO excited to finally get her corn! She ate almost a whole ear of it! She really worked hard to get the kernels off the cob too. I was glad she liked it so much because with her cold she hasn't been eating as much the last few days. She's such a chunky monkey that I'm not too concerned, but it's nice to see her eating with more gusto again.

So, as mentioned, we are mostly over our colds. It wasn't too bad. I've been in touch with some friends who's kids had croup, so I'm glad we've avoided that strain of whatever so far this winter. She did have croup last spring/summer, and it wasn't fun. I don't want to repeat that any time soon.

David's in Las Vegas for his annual trade show this week, so it's Morgan and Mommy time. We're doing well so far and keeping ourselves busy. I bet I'll be pretty beat by the time he gets home though. As I write this Morgan has gotten a hold of the TV remote...a rare event. I think it will keep her busy for a while.

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