Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dreaming of Old MacDonald?

Every night Meg, I or both of us will tip-toe into Morgan's room while she's sleeping just to look at her. She's so adorable that we want one last look before bed.

Last night was like any other. Meg was downstairs, so I decided to go on a solo mission. Morgan had been asleep for about 2 hours, so I felt it was safe go in without waking her. I carefully opened the door, got about two steps into the room when a dreamy little voice came drifting from the crib bellowing: "Wwowwww"! I froze... did I just wake her up? Is she now going to have an epic meltdown that'll require 20 minutes of soothing, and make for an extra cranky baby in the morning? Should I just sit on the floor and pretend I'm not here?

Against my better judgement I approached the crib. I resigned myself to finding wide open brown eyes expectantly hoping for a late night crib rescue so she could resume destroying our bonus room. Instead, she was fast asleep, oblivious to the fact her startled Dad was hovering over her. I made sure she was out, then left quickly as I was about to start cracking up. She may have uttered noises in her sleep before, but it was the first time either of us have heard her say a word.

I couldn't wait for Meg to come upstairs so I could tell her what happened. My only regret was that she wasn't there to hear it, though if we were both there I'm certain we would have both cracked up and woken Morgan.

So you may be asking yourself at this point "What's the Old MacDonald correlation?" As you may have read in a previous blog, Morgan's first word was "duck". Somehow that transitioned to the classic kids tune, where Meg and I sing to her, and she fills in the animal on the farm - always a certain water fowl - then adds in another loud "Duck!" at the end of the song.

Lately, however, she's revised the ending of the song. After the last E, I, E, I...O she's replaced "Duck" with "Wow!" I take it as a compliment, as if she's in awe of our performance. It didn't strike me until Meg mentioned it that maybe she was dreaming about us singing to her. (If any one's heard me sing, this could be classified as a nightmare.)

Regardless, this has produced one of the most cherished memories of parenthood yet. There's so many firsts that you just don't take into account as you consider what it would be like to be a parent. Each one seems more and more amazing. I could go on for hours, but I think I'll go check in on my little sleeping angel. I hear she may be reciting the Gettysburg Address tonight!

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