Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow Bunny

We finally got Morgan bundled up in her snow suit! It really ended up being quite large for her. It is an 18 month size, which in most items are about the right size, but this one is still HUGE! Here are a few shots from a little fun we had outside yesterday.

We plopped her down in a snow bank. She didn't seem to know quite what to do.

Looking at Grandpa taking more pictures

Her little pink car made it outside! She loves it!

Cutie Pie


Ali Rae said...

Aww... I love Morgan's pink snow suit! So cute.

Kathleen said...

Morgan is so cute in the snow. It looks like you guys had fun!

Also, we have that coat, too, and it's huge on Elanor as well. Her 12-month one fits my two-year-old nephew! HA.