Friday, January 9, 2009

Busy Baby

Here are a few more photos from the Grandma and Grandpa B visit. After Morgan's romp in the snow we came inside and she roamed around the kitchen a bit. She was looking out the window at all the snow. In the last few days we have had quite a snow melt. I will have to take some before and after pictures tomorrow.

And of course it's been a while since we had some bath photos. Here are a few cute ones. She still likes her ducky tub! Lately it's been tough to get Morgan to smile for pictures. During this bath David started to play a game with her where he would blow in her face. She would get a shocked look on her face, then right after she'd smile. She also was fascinated by the red-eye reduction feature of Grandpa's camera. It took a few tries to time the picture right, but I think we got it!

Look at all my teeth! I'm still missing one on the bottom front.

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