Friday, November 21, 2008

Tummy Update, Giggles and Games

Morgan is feeling much better today. We didn't have any further "episodes." She had a simple diet of diluted apple juice and saltine crackers all day yesterday and this morning she had some half-strength formula with no problem. This afternoon she had her usual sippy cup of formula for lunch. She's been happy and very cute, so we think it might have just been an isolated episode. I felt some on the back of her gums and they seemed a little 'bumpy." I don't usually feel back there, so I don't know if there are 12-month molars coming or not. Just a guess.

I've noticed the last few days that random things seem to make Morgan giggle. They aren't full-out laughs, but little giggles when she's playing or when she gets your attention. I heard a little giggling from the backseat on some car rides yesterday as well. She had her little toy cell phone along for that ride and that seems to be pretty funny to her lately.

We've got a weekend full of football for Daddy (going to a high school game tonight, watching college games tomorrow and pro games on Sunday). Luckily this involves some of my friends and Morgan's friends so we'll have fun too...not that I don't like football, but it seems to be the theme of the weekend this time around.

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