Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jumperoo Then and Now

Morgan still LOVES her Jumperoo! We keep thinking she's going to get tired of it, but every time we put her in it she just starts jumping and jumping and jumping! I always know she wants to jump when she pulls herself up on it and starts bouncing up and down. Here are some photos from when we first bought it and just a few days ago:

Morgan is about 4 months old in this photo. The jumperoo was on the lowest setting (see how far she is away from the bird and frog hanging above her head). She was also jumping on her tippy toes.

Here she is now. The jumperoo is now on the highest setting and she can grab the bird and frog easily, each in one hand. In fact, she does this while jumping! It looks like she still has a little room to grow in it, but not too much. We figure once she starts walking she won't want to be confined to it, but for now I'm thrilled we are getting so much use out of it.

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