Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Saw the Sign

We've been inconsistently working with Morgan on some baby sign language for the past few months. This is mostly at mealtime. I try to demonstrate and make examples of the signs for Milk, More, All Done and Eat. I have no idea if I've been doing this right. Well...the last few weeks Morgan has been making signs, but it's the SAME sign for ALL the words. If you can picture the sign for Milk, you open and close both fists, sort of like you're milking a cow. Her "sign" has been the Milk sign, but with only her right hand. I'll say Milk...and she'll open and close her right fist (actually, she bends her hand at the knuckles with her fingers pretty straight, so cute). Then later I'll say All Done and she'll open and close her right hand again. Same thing for More. Well, at least it's something.

Yesterday she surprised us by using BOTH hands when David was making her formula for dinner. Last week we switched out her lunch and dinner bottles for the sippy cup. She's actually getting pretty good at it. We even took out the valve that controls the flow of liquid (advised so they learn to sip the liquid and instead of sucking it out like a bottle). This makes things a little messier, but she's getting better each time. I haven't had to rescue an upside-down cup in the past day or two. When Grandma and Grandpa B were here over the weekend they really did a great job with her on this and made it easy on me!

Well, tonight we were eating dinner and she went through her first 3 ounces of "milk" really quickly. She was drinking so fast she'd breathe really hard when she came up for air! It made me laugh. I gave her the other 3 ounces and she sucked that down too. When she was done she put her sippy cup down on her tray and signed Milk with both hands again! No, she didn't use More, but I'm pretty sure that's what she meant. I gave her a few more ounces and she signed again! Unfortunately she was at her limit for that meal, so I gave her some watered-down juice. She didn't take to that so well, but she could have been too full of milk.

She might be getting it! I'm going to be more diligent with the differences in the signs now and she if she catches on.

Oh, and the open and closing of the right hand is also "bye bye." That little chubby hand sure is getting a workout!

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