Friday, November 14, 2008

Kissy Mommy, Kissy Mommy, Kissy Mommy

I've been working with Morgan on "kisses" for a very long time. My Mom can attest to this. When she was helping us out for an extended period in January I started my "Kissy Mommy's". I would hold a newborn Morgan up to my face and touch her lips to my cheek three times and say "Kissy Mommy" each time. My Mom said, someday she'll surprise you and actually kiss you!

So, I've continued the Kissy Mommy's every day before her nap. We always read Morgan a book before we put her down for her naps. Right after the story is over, before putting her in the crib I hold her up to my face and do the "Kissy Mommy's." As she's gotten older, she'll sometimes let me do it, but for a while it evolved to her turning her head every time I tried to do it. Even so, I persevered.

Yesterday Mommy got her first kisses!!! She had unfortunately just sustained a bonk on the head (Jumping OUTSIDE the jumperoo while holding on to it is a little tricky). After some tears and hugs she happened to lean in and sort of "kiss" me...on the lips, no less! She made the sound she makes when she blows her kisses...a big "MWAH!" I quickly directed her to my cheek and said "Kissy Mommy." To my surprise she kissed my cheek with a big "MWAH!" Yay Morgan! I was so excited! She did it a few more times so I couldn't wait to show David when he came home. that time it was in her distant memory because she hasn't done it again. But as history has proven, she'll do something once, then she forgets it for a while. She'll probably suddenly "remember" again and it will stick.

Now, she has been giving Daddy some "kisses" today, but involves some licking...ick! I think she's checking out Daddy's 5 o'clock shadow more than really kissing him, but he likes it!

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