Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tales and Tidbits

Morgan is doing and saying new things everyday. Here are a few of the latest:

* There is a lot more yelling going on. We were in Costco the other day. I took Morgan in the cart in one direction and David went to look for something in another aisle. A few minutes later Morgan decided (for whatever reason) to stating yelling at the top of her lungs. At that point David was coming back to the cart. He said to a nearby shopper, "Is that my baby making all that noise." She laughed. Yes, its cute for now, but she does in more and more frequently in public. Hmmm...

* She has a new phrase that sounds like either "dit doe" or "da doe." She says it so much we're wondering if it actually means something. David likes to repeat it back to her and she she says it back to him again. When she says the "doe" part her lips make a little "o" shape. Too cute.

* She's walking better and better with her "walk n ride" toy. We don't have to follow so close behind her anymore in case she falls. She does veer to the left quite often though...

* Morgan has become quite attached to what we call her "Horsey Cow." I think it's actually a giraffe, minus the long neck...odd. But she just LOVES it! It came attached to a flower arrangement when she was born and then sat on her changing table when she was a teeny-tiny. Now he's the first toy she plays with in the morning. She'll hold him out to us and we'll take him and shake him (it's a stuffed toy/rattle)...sometimes I'll give him silly kisses. All this time she laughs and makes screeching sounds. Then she wants him back pretty quick or she'll cry. The other day Horsey Cow needed a bath very badly. I put him on top of the washer and unfortunately Morgan saw him as we left for church yesterday. David had to do some quick distracting to avoid a meltdown. She was thrilled to see him this morning all clean and fresh! I'll have to get an updated picture soon, but this one from when she was first noticing things around her at about 7 weeks old.

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