Monday, November 3, 2008

Look, I made it work!

I think one of the best things about watching your child grow is literally watching them learn.

I like to show Morgan how to do things, whether it's how an interactive toy works or just simply taking toys in and out of a container (for now she just takes them out). At first she is not very interested in what I am showing her, she just wants to play with the toy or other item that I am trying teach her about. If I keep at it, she will eventually watch what I am doing and then try it herself.

For an example, Morgan's Aunt Ali bought her a "spinny" toy at Old Navy when she visited earlier this month. This toy has a handle with a bulb at the top that has lights inside that spin around when you push a button. It was made to use outside in the dark on Halloween. Morgan has just been fascinated with it. To make the lights turn on and the pumpkin spin you have to hold down a tiny little button on the handle. It is not easy for an almost 11 month old baby to press and hold the button down. At first we just turned it on and she watched it. Then she'd pick it up and look at it quizzically, probably wondering why it didn't light up. Then I would show her the little button and I'd press it. Then I'd take one of her little fingers and put it on the button and hold it down with my finger on top of hers. You actually have to apply quite a bit of pressure to hold the button down. I'd show her every time, not expecting that she'd be able to do it herself.

Last night I was making dinner and David brought Morgan downstairs to "show me something." He set her down on the floor with the "spinny toy". She proceeded to put one of her fingers on the button and turn it on! Yay Morgan! David said she was playing with her upstairs and she had her back to him. He kept hearing a buzzing sound and when he got closer to see what she was holding he saw he turning the toy on and off! Such a smart girl!

Here she is working on it...

Ta Da!!

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