Monday, November 24, 2008


Yes, this is the gratuitous baby-eats-spaghetti-and-gets-it-all-over-her-face post. You've just got to do it though. We decided to strip Morgan down to her diaper for this meal and we were glad we did. Morgan didn't so much like to eat the spaghetti herself, though she did get a few handfuls a try. It was just more fun to smoosh it all over her tray, high chair and herself.

Here how it went down...
Getting her hands in it
She actually slurped a few bits of pasta right into her mouth!
The aftermath of the tray
Messy hands (so chubby too!)
Look Daddy, I'm all done!

Check out her right thigh, a few handfuls went down into the chair. BTW, why does it look like she has a farmer tan?

That was goooood!

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