Friday, October 3, 2008

Whistle while you work

A few weeks ago while I was feeding Morgan some cereal for breakfast I started whistling. Long ago I was able to whistle really well...then I got braces so the alignment of my teeth and jaw changed everything. I am really out of practice too. So, I don't whistle much, and don't know why I did it at this time, but Morgan was FASCINATED. She stopped eating and just watched and listened. I thought, uh oh, I better work on this so it doesn't sound so bad.

Since then, both David and I have caught Morgan whistling while she plays! Its just a little monotone short thing right now, but we'll look at her and sure enough she has her lips in a little "O" and sound is coming out in-between breathy blowing. We can't believe she figured this out! When I whistled to her in the high chair I got really close so she could tell I was blowing out when I was making the sound. She caught on really fast.

Now, we don't think she'll be whistling actual tunes any time soon, but it's awfully cute! Both David and I are working on our whistling to keep her interested though. With a little practice, maybe I'll be back to my old whistling skills!

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Katy said...

How cute!!! What a smart girl!