Thursday, October 23, 2008

Swing Quest

Morgan and I have been in search of all the parks in Spokane that have baby swings. Today we were only successful by default.

It actually amazes me the parks I've found that don't have swings at all?! Who builds playgrounds without swings? Are they now a liability issue? We went to one of our favorite parks today, Manito Park on the South Hill. I'd seen the playground there before, but did not notice that it had everything...but swings. There were not even swings for the bigger kids. How can this be? Morgan was really sad when we didn't stick around long and headed back to the car. She had a few (assisted) trips down the slide, but that's all there was there that she could handle at her age.

I thought and thought about where else we could go, so we ended up going downtown to Riverfront park because I knew they had the baby swings. I didn't want to risk driving around the South Hill and not finding a park with swings. Morgan has been very impatient in the car lately so a lot of random driving is met with many unhappy noises from the back seat. Morgan was very happy to finally get in some swinging time and she laughed and squealed until her nose and cheeks turned red (quite a chill in the air today). Then as expected, she protested (read: cried) when we had to go.
Yay, swings!
Checking out the other kiddos at the playground

Also, in the last week the foliage in Spokane has exploded with color! Hopefully we'll get some more pretty shots before it gets colder and the leaves fall. Nice shot of the garbage can, huh?

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Ali Rae said...

Look at Morgan's pink little nose! She is having SO much fun. I love it.