Thursday, October 2, 2008

"9 Month" Dr. Appointment

We finally made it to the pediatrician for Morgan's "9 Month" Well-Baby appointment (at almost 10 months). Here are the stats:

Length: 30 inches (90th percentile)
Weight: 21 lbs 14.5 ounces (just under 90th percentile)

She's a tall girl, but proportional. At one point the doctor said "she looks amazing." I guess that's good! She's meeting all her developmental milestones and even pulled herself up on the wall next to the exam table during the exam. The doctor was worried she wouldn't be able to get down, but I assured her Morgan would be able to, and she did. In the last few days, several times she scooted herself over to the wall in our bonus room and pulled herself up to standing, like she wanted to scale it. Odd...I don't know?

The doctor does want us to meet with an opthamologist to check on a possible blocked tear duct. Her left eye is a dead-giveaway for when she has a cold, but sometimes it gets weepy when she's not sick. Not a big deal. We'll get it checked out.

She also got two more of her scheduled doses of vaccinations as well as a flu shot today, also a toe-prick for iron levels, which were fine. She just cried a bit with the shots, but perked up pretty quickly. I expected her to nap longer this afternoon, but it was a no-go on that. She's just as animated and playful as usual.

So then, we're on to increasing her amount of table foods, moving away from the baby food-like purees. We've already been doing this, but will continue. Only egg whites, honey, shellfish and peanut butter are off-limits at this point. At about 12 months she'll start on whole milk. Our baby's growing so fast it is hard to believe!

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