Monday, October 27, 2008

Up the Down Staircase

In the last week we have discovered that Morgan can climb stairs! We were over at our neighbor's house last week and Morgan decided to tackle a short flight of stairs and I stood close behind her. To my surprise she went all the way up with little problem. She doesn't climb the stairs much at our house because she usually plays in an enclosed area in our upstairs bonus room.

After that day I decided to see what she could do at our house on our full flight of stairs. One night she climbed up three times (with a little assistance, of course). Then we discovered that she slept really well that night...hmmm...maybe a stair workout before bed each night?! Here are some pictures of our little climber girl.

About halfway up

Still climbing

Almost there!

Yay! She made it!


Kathleen said...

It's a scary thing, isn't it? We saw Elanor climb up the stairs at my mom's and then at my in-laws' this week. It was fun to watch her do it but it was only one or two steps at a time, coming out of the sunken living room. A whole flight...oh my...that would be scary to watch!

Ali Rae said...

Yay Morgan!