Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Sounds

Morgan is making all kinds of new sounds lately. At her Dr. appointment last week the pediatrician pointed out that she can make an "n" sound, which I hadn't noticed. The doctor said that was a good thing, by the way.

Just to name a few, along with the usual "da da da's" and "ma ma ma's" she'll say "doh doh doh," "ya ya ya" and something with a "tsh" sound. Currently she is in her jumperoo making a high to low pitched yell of some kind. She just discovered it so that means she'll do it many times before she gets bored and moves on to something else. Loud yelling or even screaching is a common thing now. Sometimes it happens in very public places and I smile and just keep on going. She's also starting to string sounds together that sound somewhat like sentences. She'll look at us, make her "statement" and we'll say "oh, of course Morgan" and "yes, tell us more about it!"

Last night while having a diaper change, she looked right at me and said "ma-ma." This was similar to the event in her high chair a month or so ago. Like last time, I tried to get her to say it again with no luck. It could happen any time though. We can't wait for some "real" Mama's and Dada's!

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