Friday, October 24, 2008

It's not all about Me?!

I had to make a decision about a small thing this week that really made me realize that it's not all about me anymore. I've known this for a while, but for some reason it hit me harder this time.

I've been taking part in a women's bible study at our church this fall and I've enjoyed getting to meet some new ladies and start building some new friendships. This large group of women meets every other Tuesday morning at the church. From this group we break up into smaller groups for discussion of the study. On Tuesday of this week our small group leader invited us to an extra brunch event on Thursday morning to have some fellowship time away from the study group. When we met on Tuesday I planned on going.

Then Morgan had a terrible night of sleep on Tuesday night (she decided to be awake from 1:00-4:00 am) and was super fussy all day on Wednesday, with minimal naps. She was a mess! If I was to go to the brunch that meant that she would not get her nap on Thursday morning either. If she'd napped well on Wednesday, it probably would have been OK...but I decided later that night that I couldn't deny her her Thursday morning nap just because I wanted to chat with some friends. This was a small, but tough decision that I had to make to get Morgan back on her schedule and get her the rest she needed.

Overall it was a good decision. She slept well on Wednesday night and napped beautifully this (Thursday) morning for 2 hours. As I am writing this, she is now on her second nap of the day. I'm sorry I missed out on the time with the ladies, but it's more important that I take care of Morgan's needs first.

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