Friday, October 17, 2008

TGIF - again

Did I say this last Friday? I must have. After my Wednesday "saga", Thursday wasn't a lot better. We had a day of half-naps and a lot of whining. I still can't quite figure it out. I talked to my neighbor who is a pediatric nurse practitioner and she said sometimes babies go through growth spurts that make them just really "out of sorts" for a few days. I'd say that's definitely what's been happening with Morgan. She's just not herself. Yesterday was topped off in a big way. We have our church small group on Thursday nights and lately we've been hosting it at our house because it's the only way both of us can attend. Our group doesn't seem to mind and we are grateful for that.

So, the group showed up at 7:00. We'd gotten Morgan ready for bed, so all we needed to do was give her a bottle and put her in her crib at about 7:30. All of this went as planned, except we think Morgan was just a bit overstimulated with having all these people in her house at night. We usually have our group downstairs, but last night we needed to have it upstairs so we could watch a DVD in the bonus room. Morgan could hear us as we were close to her room and she took a while to fall asleep. At 9:00 I heard her crying. This is not unusual for her to wake up a few times and she makes some noise as she changes position, then she goes back to sleep. This time she just got louder and louder to a point she was semi-hysterical. I went in her room to discover she'd vomited all over herself and her crib. Poor thing! And yuck...she was sure stinky! We got her up, stripped her (and her bed) down, threw the sheets in the wash and the baby in the bath. We repeated the bedtime routine and got her back to sleep. She was really tired after all this. She did wake up and eat a little later in the night, but went back to sleep OK.

She woke up this morning and was amazingly more herself! I can't imagine how. She took a nice 1.5 hour nap this morning and is now down for her afternoon nap. She seems much more cheery and content. Hopefully the worst is over, but just in case I might have our neighbor check out her ears to make sure she doesn't have one of those "no symptom" ear infections I hear about. Poor sweet girl. Let's hope the weekend is easier for us!

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