Monday, October 13, 2008


Aaack! I didn't realize that I haven't posted since last Thursday. Things got a little busy this weekend with Aunt Ali in town and preparing for Morgan's Dedication on Sunday. It was a fun weekend! I'll have to leave updates in a few different posts.

On Saturday we ventured out to Greenbluff, north of Spokane. This is a pleasant 45 minute drive from our house. Greenbluff is a conglomerate of farms that hold festivals and other events in the summer and fall. September and October are really the best because they have their Apple Festival. The farms are decked out in beautiful fall colors and have a variety of pumpkin patches, homemade pies, hay rides and corn mazes. Morgan was a bit young for some of this, but we were able to get some great pictures and ate some yummy treats.

This was in the pumpkin patch at Harvest House. This was the best picture of the bunch. There were all kinds of people getting pictures of their little ones with pumpkins bigger than they were. Here are some more shots from the patch:

For lunch we got some yummy chicken and rice bowls and Morgan ate little bites of our food. We're gradually moving away from any "baby" foods to regular "table" food. This is first time we were away from the house that we fed her some of what were eating. She really seemed to like it.

Then we headed to the High Country farm for some apple and huckleberry pie. Here's Morgan patiently waiting with her Daddy while Mommy and Aunt Ali were in line for the pie. Morgan even had some bites of her first apple pie herself!

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