Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Morgan's Dedication

Morgan was dedicated to the Lord on Sunday, October 12. Our church does this as a short, but sweet ceremony after the greeting time in the service. We went up on the "stage" of the church (our church is HUGE, with a big auditorium. Very modern, no stained-glass for us). My sister, Ali was in town. She graciously accepted our invitation to be Morgan's Godmother. We also had some close friends and our life group (small group) come up front with us. Our pastor, Joe, introduced us and had David introduce our family and friends. Then Joe prayed for Morgan and us. Morgan did very well, just checking everything out. She got a little wiggly during the prayer, but I managed not to drop her. Hee hee. She also got and official certificate of her dedication and a sealed letter to open and read on her 12th birthday. I'm totally curious what it says...maybe I should ask instead of trying to steam it open?

After the service we invited our friends back to our house for some hang-out time and food. Here are some scenes from the day. We had several babies there that are close in age to Morgan. I had the pleasure of being pregnant at the same time as their Mommies. It was nice to share that experience with them and have them continue to be great friends as our babies grow up.

Morgan and Elijah

Showing off her pretty dress from Grandma and Grandpa B
Morgan, Taylor and Elijah playing...notice Morgan is moving the other babies' hands AWAY from her toy. She was being very bossy. She does this to me sometimes when I try to play with her activity table too. Somebody needs to learn how to share.
Kirsten, Taylor and Elijah
Our wonderful friends

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